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Advanced Solar Technology

Advanced Solar Technology

We are a solar power systems supplier in Perth aimed to help Aussie families reduce their household costs as much as possible. Here are just some of the ways a solar PV panel supply from our team can help you:
Reduce your carbon footprint – A solar power inverter can supply properties with a renewable energy source that minimises negative effects on the environment. By getting power from the sun, you are utilising a green energy alternative that does not contribute to green house gas emissions. 
Significant money savings – While you have to pay to have a panel system installed on your property, the benefits of the system means it will pay for itself! You will receive significant money savings on your energy bills and you may also be entitled to government rebates, incentives or subsidies.
Peace of mind – When you are looking for inverter systems for your home, the team at Advanced are here to help


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Inverter Brands: ABB, Delta, Growatt

Solar Panel Brands: Phono Solar