Solar Installers in Australia

Solar Installers in Australia

What are Solar Installers? To have a requisite knowledge about Solar Installers in Australia, there must be a foundational knowledge as to what solar installer entails in itself. Solar installers are electrical companies that deals with the installation of solar energy in a resident or a company. It is not a lie that the solar energy has gained popular demand all over the world in which Australia is not left out. 

I would be examining the different solar installers in Australia in solar directory website.


  1. Infinite energy solar installer:

The infinite energy solar installer is an electrical company with its offices all over Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, to mention but a few.

Why infinite energy? 

The company had built its reputation around no pressure and have been able to deliver the highest quality system and installation of solar as well as consultative approach. Going by the way of statistics, the infinite energy solar installer has installed solar panels on over 15,000 Perth’s and WA houses, business and governmental facilities. Presently they are one of Australia leading commercial solar power installer.

The company has a bunch of competent solar consultant who are fully trained professionals and conduct themselves in the highest integrity and would give you straightforward, honest and best advice to any questions thrown at them at any time.

They have installed thousands of solar power system all over Western Australia and Queensland the pride themselves in the quality of service they offer plus the great customer service provided both before and after installation. 

Their solar component includes; the solar panel, the solar inverter, solar hot water system, solar batteries, heat pump and a lot more tremendous services.

Want to know more about the solar installation in Australia, the benefit of adopting the solar system, the history of solar energy, the statistic of solar energy or get the best solar component to install? Then the infinite energy solar installer is the best place to go or consult.


Sungold is the world's leading supplier of solar panels. For more than a decade,they have been focusing on manufacturing solar panels, and they are committed to provide the best solar panel solutions such as customed rigid solar panels, flexible solar panels, and portable solar panels, which are widely used on RV, marine boats, off grid solar system fields and so on.


Sungold solar Co., Ltd from Shenzhen is the world's leading supplier of solar panels with high technology & automated module production line. For more than a decade, they have been focusing on manufacturing customized rigid solar panels, flexible solar panels, and portable solar panels, which are widely used on RV, marine boats, off grid solar system fields and so on. 

          As Sungold has expertly produced and invented the products,  Sungold has developed the products ranging from 3w-360w mono/polycrystal rigid solar panel kit, semi-flexible solar panel, and portable solar panel. With the innovative technology and excellent production, our products exported to North America, South America, European country, Australia, etc, while we have built cooperative partnership with our customers with perfect service.

They Specialize in designing and developing innovative PV Solar Panels products, extend products to Portable Solar Chargers, Small Solar Power Kits,New Solar Application Products.

Their products includes:

  • Monocrystalline solar panels. 

  • Polycrystalline solar panels.

  • Semi Flexible solar 

  • Portable Solar Panels

  • Portable Solar chargers

  • Solar Charger Controllers

  • Solar Portable Power Supply.




  • They are professional producing experience of solar panel for 11 years

  • They have accumulated the experience for more than a decade, Sungold has become a company with mature technology and management systemThey have outstanding quality

  •  With the certificate of ISO, RoHS, CE, etc, and automated production line, They can professionally provide high quality products.

  • Professional techniques and service 
     Every Sungold products are crafted according to the needs of customer, and also the service they do is all for customer.


i would however conclude that if you are speaking solar panel, you speak SUNGOLD. They are your favorite plug.

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