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Captain Green

Captain Green

Captain Green Solar; one of the longest serving solar companies in Australia, was born over half a decade ago in 2009. The name, Captain Green, was chosen to reflect the notion of a ‘Leader’ or ‘Captain’ in the field of energy efficiency with the ability to assist home and business owners in the many aspects of being green, saving money and the environment. Later on, the company expanded fast with a strong focus on renewable energy products, particularly solar power.
We knew that the solar market was evolving, and we wanted to build a solution that was a game changer for our customers. We wanted to see what would happen if we combined all of our experience, along with top notch skills, and cutting edge technology to form a company that is focused on ‘making high quality solar affordable’ to all Australians.



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Inverter Brands: Enphase

Solar Panel Brands: Jinko Solar