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Midwest Solar Power

Midwest Solar Power

Midwest Solar Power are born and bred locals who know and have spent time in the remote parts of Midwest Western Australia. We know it’s a special place that’s why we choose to live and work here. We enjoy the chance to travel to see more of the country side and to meet the locals, bringing them new solar technology and innovation and share their stories.
We at Midwest Solar Power are happy to come out bush and spin a yarn and love to hear of the old ways, and our customers are happy to learn of new innovation that can help with their comfort of living. With fantastic new products coming to the market such as solar powered air conditioning, house hold batteries and wind turbines. These new innovations can help with a house holds energy bills, and this can help stop putting too much demand on the grid and causing black outs which is beneficial to all.


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  • Deepdale
    Geraldton, Western Australia 6530
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  • Phone: +61 438 903 326
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Inverter Brands: Redback, SMA, Victron Energy

Battery Brands: BYD

Solar Panel Brands: Hanwha Q-Cells