Solar Installers in Australia

Stand Alone Power Systems

Stand Alone Power Systems

Our specialised design team has been drawing up the best customised stand alone solar systems for over 15 years, and we have the experience to get the right system connected to your home.

The team at Stand Alone Power Systems are able to offer you a customised off grid electricity supply that will reliably power your home completely from the sun. We will also provide deep cycle battery cell technology to keep it running on rainy days and in emergencies, and provide a delivery system that is easily able to be reconnected to the mains electricity grid at any point in the future.

By choosing Stand Alone Power Systems you are supporting locally made products and industries. All our products are backed by excellent warranties and support.


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Inverter Brands: Selectronic, Xantrex

Battery Brands: Enersun, Exide, Sonnenschein

Solar Panel Brands: Kyocera, REC, Suntech